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Manufacturing of gaskets of complex configuration


 The technology of manufacturing complex gaskets using the high-speed plotter "FlashCut Flex 1515S" manufactured by ATOM, Italy.


The main advantages of this method are:

 - increase in productivity; 

 - high manufacturing accuracy; 

 - rational use of the material, minimization of waste;

 - Reduction of preparation time, flexibility in planning and technology; 

 - Freedom to create a design (configuration).

- The strict compliance with the required technical parameters and dimensions and the ability to manufacture gaskets of any complex configuration is achieved through the use of the ATOM licensed program 
- The size range of the gaskets is determined by the dimensions of the plotter's working table (1550x1550 mm) and the parameters of the material (graphite sheet not reinforced or reinforced). Gaskets of a larger size are made from segments using a special technology.



 FlashCut Flex 1515S has 2 heads for the manufacture of gaskets: the first head is designed to use a different tool when cutting material (paronite, rubber, cork, leather, cardboard, etc.); the second head is designed for processing the material with a milling cutter (PTFE PTFE, polyethylene, polyurethane, polypropylene and other types of plastics, thin sheets of copper, aluminum, etc.). Conformity with CE


Manufacturing of gaskets of complex configuration

 The technology of manufacturing of gaskets of various configurations with the help of hydraulic press G999, the manufacturer the Great Britain. For the production of a certain configuration, a punching board is pre-made. On which, using a band knife, the configuration of the required gasket is reproduced. Using the cutting board with the help of the press, the required number of gaskets of this configuration is cut. Ideal for many products made in soft or semi-solid materials including: Gaskets, insulation, plastic washers, cork, rubber, paper, PTFE, graphite, leather, etc.


Manufacture of axial liners from graphite sheet


 The PH / FD250 machine from Germany is designed for cutting flat gaskets from graphite sheet material, unreinforced and reinforced, as well as paronite, rubber, fluoroplastic, etc. 

The device consists of:

  - Electron shears equipped with tool holder with adjustable movable knives; Movable center for adjusting the required diameter of the gasket;

 - Spring-lever block for fixing the workpiece on the mobile center;

 - Retractable rods to increase the size of the table.

 - A structural frame for installing equipment on the floor.

 - Patented arrangement of knives guarantees high quality of cutting. Even in the case of soft graphite pads, there will be no wear or compression of the lower edge or individual layers of the laminate.

Advantages of the machine:

 CE conformity 

 - The machine is suitable for the production of gaskets in the form of gaskets and strips. It cuts gaskets made from almost any crumbling material, including even pure graphite with a smooth or serrated sheet or a thermo-expanded variation.

- Possibility of manufacturing flat gaskets of round form with a vibrating knife in one pass;

 - High quality edges of graphite gaskets

 - Min. diameter 55mm 

 - Mach. diameter 1500mm

 - Thickness of the gasket 3mm

 Manufacture of axial gaskets made of rubber, paronite, fluoroplastic and other large diameters.


 The Rondella P135-1500 machine from Germany is designed for cutting flat pads made of various soft materials (paronite, rubber, cork, etc.) using a disk knife as a cutting tool. It is possible to produce gaskets in the form of a ring, a disk, a segment, variants of cutting strips. Machine P 135-1500 tronic:

 - Conformity with CE

 - Cast iron design for stiffness with rotating force 

 - Foot switch (with protective cover) for electronic speed control (from zero to maximum speed) 

 - Reverse rotation option

 - Adjustable penetration depth for the circular blade, for protecting the plastic transport roller 

 - Very precise installation of the clamping device and vertically adjustable mounting pin.

   Cutting of the technical plate
Cutting technology with the help of the machine for cutting strips P500, the manufacturer of Germany. 
 Maximum cutting thickness up to 50 mm (hardness 40 - 90 ° Sh) The P 500 machine performs the cutting process with a disc knife. The dimensions are set clearly, the cutting edge is straight, at a cutting speed of 9.6 m / min, all fibrous materials, rubber (hardness 40-90 ° Sh), belt conveyors, leather, cardboard, chipboard, cork, plastics and other materials are well cut , suitable for cutting.